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Suggestions please!

So, it’s been a little while and this is largely due to Milo starting nursery. I totally wasn’t prepared for how difficult this would be. On his second settling in day at nursery I had to leave him for 45 mins. I thought he would be fine, surely very bored at home with mummy by now, exciting new toys and lots of friends to play with, but no. He cried, and cried. And so did I, down the phone to his dad as I walked to the library to sit in the romance section and write lists (I do this when I am stressed – I have books and books of them! If anyone wants a weird publishing opportunity for a book about lists… come to me first. I will not disappoint).

And that is how it’s pretty much continued. He is only there a couple of days a week so I can get some more, much needed work done, but wow – I really didn’t expect it to be so hard.

I’ve run out of ideas of how to help him. I’ve already made him a nursery book charting his day from packing his bag, to going in the buggy, to being there (lots of pics of the playroom and garden), and coming home again. He loves it, points out Beru his bear on every page like in a Where’s Wally book, but it doesn’t seem to be helping him to love nursery.

His Nanna and I made him a special bag with his name on (don’t look at the stitching – we were rushing with a little person at our ankles) to put all his nursery bits in and hang on his very own peg.

I’ve also sewn pieces of the bag material to the nursery days of the week on his velcro calendar so he knows which days he has to go on (probably too young to understand, but at least I felt like I was doing something!).

Anyone out there with good suggestions for books to share with a one and a half year old about going to nursery? He is loving time spent reading at the moment and so this would definitely help I think.

If you need any encouragement, this is what he looked like when he came home on Monday – puffy eyes, crying on and off, stuffing food down himself as he didn’t eat anything all day. Oh dear, it is quite honestly heart-breaking.

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  1. Annette Hogwood #

    Aaaahhh I remember those days so well. Robert hated ANY change from a young age – actually until he was about 12 (I know that’s not very reassuring at all!). Probably the best thing you can do now is NOT to make a big thing about it – you’ve prepared him, he’s finding it a bit tough/new (and so are you) but he will settle. Just be there and do nice things with him when you pick him up & he’ll soon adapt. Best not to remind him too much that “tomorrow” is nursery day – just go with confidence on the day. As for books – what books do they have/use at the nursery – do they use the “big books”? If you have something that connects between home & nursery he might find it easier. I know we used to go to the Library and get out the same books Robert had at nursery/school – he liked to share the experience, so maybe that would help? Anyway good luck – we are just off on holiday so I really have to do some packing – I’m sure next time I check he’ll be all settled and loving it! Annette xx

    July 8, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      Hi there! I think Milo is similar to Robert as he’s always found change difficult and has had periods of chronic separation anxiety. I think to a certain extent (and I’m not one normally to gender stereotype) it’s a boy thing as all the little girls I know seem to adapt so easily to everything.

      We’re just trying to casually chat about nursery at home and whenever we walk past it on his non days, we stop and wave (though Milo doesn’t really do waving – he prefers to say “byeee” to nursery!). I really like the idea of of having something that connects the two places for him. We’ve already got on order a small “doll size” buggy as he LOVES playing with them at friends houses (after the initial shy period) and also at nursery, but I’ll ask what books they’re reading with him and try and get those out the library. He adores the “big books” and they have lots at the library and as nursery will be taking him there on little trips I imagine his carers will be reading them the children so I might focus on them to start with. Have a great holiday – I’ll post again with a progress report! xx

      July 8, 2010
  2. Poor you, it can’t be fun watching him go through this. I didn’t really experience any of this with my two who went to a childminder from an early age so I don’t have any pearls of wisdom I’m afraid :0(

    July 9, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      Thanks. I think we should have sent him earlier – from 6 or 9 months. He might have adapted easier, but crikey it’s expensive! One of my friends recommended Owl Babies as a good one to read with him – not sure why I didn’t think of that myself. The library has a big book version of it so we’re heading there this afternoon 🙂

      July 9, 2010

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