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Great news for children’s libraries

There has been a significant rise in the borrowing of children’s books between 2008-2009 according to statistics from the annual library survey conducted by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA).

Children’s fiction lending showed a 6.1% rise and the amount of children’s books bought was also up by 8.8%. The library has been invaluable to us in Milo’s first year and a half and I wouldn’t be surprised if we weren’t partly responsible for those increases!

Libraries are a safe place to take your child and spend some quality time with them. We use it for borrowing new books, snuggling and reading together on the carpet, drawing, rhyme time sessions, stay and play sessions and before he started walking it was about the only place in winter that we could take him for a change of scenery and a crawl around. Milo is obsessed with the gravel on the driveway to the library and we can spend at least half an hour just playing there before we get into the library itself! The only problem we have is when it is shut and someone wants to get in.

Libraries are an important part of children’s lives and it is great to see that all the effort in encouraging our young into libraries and to read and buy books more, is paying off. For the full article head over to the Bookseller.

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  1. Jenny Szewiel #

    Hear hear! Libraries are such wonderful resources for children and I have been so grateful to give Chloe the chance to see a wide range of books. The activities are great too – Bounce and Rhyme at Bristol Central Library is our favourite baby group and we’ve been going regularly since she was about 2 months old. And when she was learning to walk a few weeks ago she did one of her first big walks across the childrens section at the library to get to the teddy bear!

    Getting library books out has also been really helpful in letting me decide which books to buy her because she’s always had very strong preferences when we get a new batch of library books, so I get the chance to see which ones she’d like to have to keep.

    May 18, 2010

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