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Penguin – the show!

Flicking around blog land I came across this post from Library Mice about a new show from Polly Dunbar and Katherine Morton of Long Nose Puppets. It is based on Polly Dunbar’s wonderful book Penguin.

I was lucky enough to be working at Walker when this book was being published and I instantly fell in love with it. Polly’s illustrations are charming and this is an absolute favourite in our house. Happily I’ve met the original Penguin that the story was based on when Polly popped into the Walker offices to do some promotional work for the book. He was lovely!

I would love to take Milo to see the show but I am not too sure if he is old enough to sit through it yet. He still can’t make it through an episode of Charlie and Lola without wanting to dash off somewhere! Real life puppets might be a different thing though and the website does say that there is “a separate seating area for the children, allowing them to feel free to express their relationship with the story.” Milo sometimes expresses himself very loudly and this would be my concern! I really want to see it though just for myself. There are plenty of tour dates left so take a look and try, try, try to get to one as I am sure it will be brilliant.

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  1. There were lots of babies there when we went. It is only about 40 minutes long. The Egg in Bath is quite relaxed and very child-friendly so although some of the little ones were quite vocal, nobody minded. I would definitely take him!
    We are going to see The Charlie & Lola show in August.

    May 14, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      Think I might book up then. I am in no doubt that he won’t be able to sit for 40 minutes, but you never know. We shall see – I don’t think the TV’s nearly as engaging as a live puppet show so it’s a very different benchmark. I however, will love it I’m sure!

      May 14, 2010
  2. I’d have loved to take my kids to this, but the nearest show has already been and gone 😦 My experience of taking little people to shows is that they are indeed more engaged than by the TV, and yes if there are lots of other kids there then a bit of wandering about / climbing on the chairs / chatting away will be par for the course!

    June 1, 2010

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