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Reading garden 2010

So last year I started blogging about our reading garden, which is basically our garden becoming a nice, snuggly place for us to read to Milo in and those rare moments of peace where we get the chance to read a book ourselves 😉

We made great progress last year and I was looking back at my old posts and realised I never put a picture up of the little man enjoying his books out there, so here you go.

That rug got a lot of use last year, both in our garden and in the park! One year on and everything has grown, Milo especially, but also every bush, tree, weed in the garden. Yikes!

We did a little maintenance over the winter (pruned our pink tree, planted some winter pansies), but it would seem not quite enough which meant my mum taking Milo for the day and me spending a fair few hours in the garden tidying it up. I don’t have “before” pics like last year as I forgot until I was part way through clearing so instead we have some “during” pics!

A bit of a mess don’t you think! Still, it is nowhere near as bad as last year and therefore a much easier starting point. I shall post some pics of how far we’ve got when the sun comes back out again. The rain has been a good thing for the plants that we’ve already planted but I’m a bit fed up now. Nothing’s going to grow unless the sun comes back out again and Milo won’t be playing or sitting out there either while it is soggy and damp. Watch this space!

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