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The Moomins turn 65

It seems to be celebrations all round in Puffin at the moment. They acquired the publishing rights to develop the Moomins into a new range of high quality picture and novelty books for young children in 2008 with the idea to launch the new titles this year as part of the Moomins 65th birthday celebrations.

Puffin had birthday celebrations and the launch of this new series at a party in the Finnish Embassy.

That's my old boss from Puffin on the left - Francesca Dow

There are further celebrations happening on the Moomin65 website including a drawing competition in conjunction with the WWF and it looks like the Moomins were jolly busy recently at the Bologna book fair (take a look at Puffin’s blog entry for April 28th).

I love the Moomins and I’m particularly excited about this new range of titles. They look great and I think I’ll definitely going to get Milo the buggy book.

We always take books with us on long buggy rides and clipped on ones do prevent them being flung over the side when he gets bored. I think we’d also have to get Baby Sleeps by Janet and Alan Ahlberg in Puffin’s buggy book range as the little one is Ahlberg obsessed at the moment!

There’s also a Little Book of Numbers and a Little Book of Words that both look very tempting. None of the books are released until Summer time so we have a little while to wait. Very exciting though.

Happy Birthday Moomins!

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