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Love Aubrey

So I mentioned a little while ago that I needed to catch up on my reading and so I started with Love Aubrey by Suzanne LaFleur. I’ve been wanting to get my hands on this book since reading the synopsis and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Library Mice has an excellent review which pretty much sums up all my own feelings for the book so take a look at that, but what I will say is that Love Aubrey arrived yesterday and we have been very hectic here recently and I’ve had no time to read, yet it is finished and passed onto Milo’s dad with my insistence that he reads it before Saturday so my mum can take it on holiday with her.

It did fall away a little at the end for me, but nevertheless it is a very long time since I have wanted and had to read a book that quickly (you know the kind, you’re making a cup of tea and reading while the kettle boils, reading while you run your baby’s bath, reading by bedside lamp until it really is time for sleeping). And I did cry at several points as it is heartbreaking in parts. I would have had more tears but Milo’s dad looks at me funny when I sob on the sofa.

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