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It’s a sign … at last!

Hurray – Milo has made his first sign to me yesterday. We’ve been signing with him for ages now and I honestly never thought it would happen, but today Milo signed “more” – typical!

Anyway, I whooped with joy, smothered him with kisses and fetched him an animal cracker. He ate it and then signed “more”. I swelled with pride, ruffled his hair, gave him a squeeze and fetched him an animal cracker. He ate it and then signed “more”. Hmmm… I clapped, signed “well done,” fetched another animal cracker, which he promptly ate and then signed “more.” He’s not stupid! At which point I shook my head and signed “no more – all gone,” which I am hoping will be the next ones that he picks up on (and accepts)!

I’ve heard that once the first sign comes, the rest follow pretty quickly so I am revising my BSL and baby signing. He has been understanding the basic ones that we’ve been using, for a while now. He knows book. If I sign it, he will fetch me one. The same with piggy and car (though if we say “where’s Henry Milo?” without any signs, he shoots off up the stairs to the cupboard where both big and little Henry hoovers are kept – he’s obsessed!).

He’s been actually signing bottle for a while now but I think that is more coincidental as he was already making that movement with his hands anyway as something he likes to do when impatient. But he definitely understands bottle and milk. If you sign it when he has just woken from a nap and he is particularly thirsty or hungry, he breaks down in tears at the mere thought of milk coming his way!

He also has his own little words for certain things. “More” has been “moremore” for quite a while and can be confused with “mama.” And “ah” seems to be “what’s that?” as he is pointing more and more and asking “ah” – he seems satisfied once he has an answer.

It is really an exciting time at the moment!

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  1. Ash #

    So cute! And when they start responding, you get almost giddy don’t you? I don’t know if it’s available in the UK but here in the US we have a show on DVD, and my kids LOVED it.

    Here’s the link for it on amazon:

    January 20, 2010
    • natashaworswick #

      I was so giddy! And today he has started signing for Wheels On The Bus to be sung to him by doing the big bus wheel sign (it’s not perfect yet!). I must have sung it about 30 times today, but he does clap when I begin so it’s all worth it! i might check out the DVDs and see if I can get them or something imilar in the UK.

      January 20, 2010

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