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A discussion that’s interesting me at the moment.

I don’t generally read the mirror online, but this popped up on an article reader through work and it interests me. Of course having Milo has made myself and Milo’s dad think about television, books and general consumption of the media in a whole different way, but I am still slightly on the fence as to what I think is necessarily good or bad.

For example. Milo is 14 months tomorrow. He is read to at least three times a day (before every sleep), books are available to him continuously and one of the signs that he responds to the most easily is the one for book (he scampers off and fetches one). This is all a brilliant and wonderful thing that I think most people would agree on. But television is one of those issues that gets parents especially, a little flappy about. When should they start watching, what is too much, too little or even appropriate?

For some reason in my head 2 has always been the age that TV should be introduced, but I don’t know why this is and to be honest the programmes that I have seen for young children (younger than two also) really seem to be quite well made, fun, imaginative and in some cases, educational. I think it probably depends on your little one and as with everything, in moderation.

We did buy Milo a Charlie and Lola DVD for Christmas but he isn’t particularly interested in it yet. The music makes him bop but then so does the BBC Breakfast ident and his new singing donkey.

I like Charlie and Lola though, so at least this is something that will be enjoyable for the both of us at somepoint. He was deeply fascinated by the giant TV at his auntie and uncle’s house over Christmas, but preferred to bat it than actually watch it. It will be interesting watching how his relationship with television develops.

A tricky subject though – has anybody any further thoughts?


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