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Eight month review (a bit late!) and Bookstart book pack

Milo and I picked up our Bookstart book pack last week. We were given it at Milo’s eight-month review, which he sailed through. It turns out he is very long for his age, which is surprising as we are both quite short! Anyway, needless to say I was very excited by him getting his pack at last, and I think he was too.

Milo gets his Bookstart pack

The Bookstart bag is a fairly common sight around these parts. I have been seeing mums wheeling their babies, toddlers and young children around with their bags attached to the buggy or slung over their shoulders for a while now. It looks almost like they belong to a little club. Whenever I saw a mum with one, they always had an older baby and seemed so much more experienced at this parenting stuff than I was. Now I have an older baby, but I still feel like there is an awful lot to learn!

Instead of worrying about bad naps, development stages, percentiles and the like, on our way back from the health visitor I put a blanket down on the grass in the park, took Milo out of his buggy and sat him down to enjoy his new bag of goodies. We received two books, Happy Dog, Sad Dog by Sam Lloyd and a Honey Hill book called Noisy Day. I really enjoyed reading Happy Dog, Sad Dog to him. The illustrations are bold and simple and it’s a great book for showing your little one the difference in moods, facial expressions and size. And you can be really expressive with it. He liked the big reveal at the end of Noisy Day when you lift the flaps and all the characters are playing their instruments in the band, but I didn’t find the illustrations quite had the same impact as the other title.

Milo reading one of his Bookstart books (and having something to nibble too)
Books have so much more meaning to him now. He now reaches out for the touch and feel patches without prompting, settles in when we open Each Peach Pear Plum before his nap time, and bats the faces of the babies he sees in Tickle Tickle. He has definitely grown up a lot over the last nine months.

So I am now carrying my Bookstart bag around with me. And now we will always have some books ready for an impromptu picnic in the park.

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  1. My boys, now aged 3 and 5, loved Happy Dog Sad Dog, as did we. What a great way to start on the adventure of reading.

    September 7, 2009
    • natashaworswick #

      Thanks Kate! It really is becoming a firm favourite in our house. We also sign with Milo so it is one of those books that is ideal to sign along with just adding another dimension of interest for him. I’ve been reading your blog and it’s really great. If you ever fancy sharing your experiences of reading with your little ones then the Bookstart blog is always looking for mums and dads to contribute to their parent’s blog:

      September 8, 2009

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