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He can see all the books

The Book Seer

Milo’s dad pointed me in the direction (via Russell Davies’ blog), to this really rather good book recommendation site called The Book Seer. Basically, you type in the last book that you’ve read and who it was by, click search and it brings back recommendations from Amazon’s “Other’s who bought this, also bought” service and Library Thing.

As with anything like this and to a certain extent that includes people, it is a bit hit and miss. Reading is such a subjective thing that it is hard to predict exactly what we will enjoy next. I guess it’s only as good or as bad as people’s book buying behaviour as that’s what it’s serving you – what other people have read or recommended in relation to other titles. However, despite this I found The Book Seer to make some fairly good suggestions.

All that I see is books, books and more books - hurrah!

I typed in Mr Gum by Andy Stanton and Amazon brought back Michael Broad’s Jake Cake series which is an enjoyable series for a similar (although I would say slightly younger age-group), and Spy Dog by Andrew Cope – definitely a good fun suggestion.

Is it as good as standing in a bookshop holding a book in your hands and reading the carefully written blurb on the back? No, but as an alternative for when you can’t get out, it is a pretty good one. And fun too.

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