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A little bit quiet this weekend

I’ve been a little bit quiet here for the past few days. Sorry about that. It was our intention to get out in the garden this weekend, but the weather wouldn’t let us so instead we’ve been doing a little Spring cleaning indoors and have totally reorganised the book shelves in our living room.

There has been a bit of a cull too. No books, but a lot of my old videos which I feel incredibly sad about, but it has been a long time since our video player has worked and they take up a huge amount of space. So I had to say goodbye to my collection of cheesy eighties movies, my Marlon Brando films and my collection of serial killer films – an odd mixture I know, but my first degree was in film so it all makes much more sense when you know that.

Still, we now have more space for our books which is a good thing. They are not piled on top of each other anymore. We got a little fastidious and put them all in alphabetical order in sections; fiction, non-fiction, classics (by spine colour), biography, travel etc…

We have so many more books than in this picture

All of my children’s books have headed upstairs to my office and my next task is to reorganise my shelves up there. Phew! Hope you all had good weekends.

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