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John, Paul, Ringo and George


I was reading the Booktrust blog today and Nikesh wrote this great post on “Found Book Customisations.” It is an interesting and fun read all about the dedications and doodles that you find in second hand books.

There are loads in our collection of books but hunting through them to find some right now is a bit tricky with the little one up and about, but I do remember some family ones. Of course there are loads from my mum in books to me (birthdays, anniversaries and the like), but I especially remember receiving an old copy of my auntie’s What Katy Did Next (I think it was that book – I must check) which had a declaration of love inside the front cover. Who for? Well, every member of the Beatles! I remember finding it really funny and also feeling a strange connection with my auntie as a young girl (I was mad for New Kids On The Block at the time – there’s something to admit!).

My grandma always used to write in our books:

If this book is to roam,
Box its ears and send it home to…

Head over to the Booktrust blog to add any you have. Nikesh also posted an addendum to his post leading to this fantastic site called The Book Inscriptions project – definitely worth a cup of tea and a browse.

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