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Munching through the book

Hmmm… we have a small problem – a tiny boy with a big appetite. Look what has happened to my copy of Where the Wild Things Are.

Munched corner of Where the Wild Things Are

There is a corner missing and we can’t find it. I can only presume that this is now Milo’s second taste of solids (the first being the baby rice that is splattered over him and everything else in the mornings).

It reminded me of being at Walker Books. We did a lovely Maisy promotion for the Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Words. We created some free Maisy flash cards to attach to the front of the book  and one of the major issues that we had to overcome was making sure they were completely safe for little ones to handle.

Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Words

Not just to handle, but also in case any found their way into a mouth. And not just a nibble here or there, but if a child were to “accidentally” eat the whole lot (blimey!).


Well, this was a bit of a headache for the marketing team I can tell you. Lots of discussion over safe inks, coatings and the like, many trips to the production department for advice and lots of telephone calls to the people producing the lovely flash cards for us (and a fair few exclamations of “whose idea was this?”). Either way – it got done and made for a great promotion.

I love my copy and am happy for Milo to chew away on the cards if he wants to – I might encourage that as opposed to him finishing off Where The Wild Things Are!

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