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Our blue and pink book nook

This is a bit of a reading garden update too although we didn’t get a huge amount of time this weekend to get out there and plant anything as we had planned. It turned into rather a busy time. Our first family trip to the library happened on Saturday. Milo and I poked our heads into a rhymetime session that was taking place in the children’s section. It was so busy with lots of happy kids though that there wasn’t quite enough space for us to sit and join in so we joined his dad in browsing round the shelves of all the new books.

We also have a new front door to paint and so there was a trip to the local paint shop and the inevitable dithering about what colour the door should be, what would match the front of the house, should we paint the front wall as well? We also had a set of grandparents visit on Sunday so all in all, the weekend got rather eaten up.

But, we did manage to get our shiny, new garden furniture out of the packaging and put together and so have created another lovely book nook. Amy over on Literacy Launchpad is still in search of lots of fun book nooks so make sure if you have one, that you pop it over there.

Our blue and pink book nook

Harry bag and rescued plants

The very fine collection of Harry and the Dinosaurs books are courtesy of the grandparent visit mentioned above. Such a lucky Milo and in perfect time for the 10th anniversary! They came in the rather fab Harry bag which will be brilliant for keeping them in (and neat and tidy). As he gets older I am sure he will love swinging his book bag around.

The poor plants in the bottom right picture are a tomato plant and a pepper plant. I had to rescue them from our cute little stand-alone greenhouse, as the wind is so strong today it has fallen over twice.

Does anyone have any idea what our lovely pink bushy plant is? I am hopeless at this sort of thing, but would really like to know.

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  1. What a perfect nook for this season! I love it! Thanks for participating! And thanks for encouraging others to participate too! 🙂

    May 12, 2009

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