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Now we are six months

I can’t believe it has been six months since we welcomed our little man into the world.

Milo when he was very, very little

Today feels like a huge milestone and one that Milo’s dad and I have both been looking forward to, but one that has also really crept up on us.

So it felt like it should be special. I know he hasn’t turned one or anything, but in six months Milo has packed a lot into his little life and it felt like we should celebrate. He had his first “meal” with us, at the table this morning. Baby rice.

Milo's breakfast

It mostly landed on his babygrow and me. Annoyingly the booster seat we had ordered for him hadn’t arrived in time for his first meal so I became a chair. This afternoon, we visited the library together and got Milo his membership.

Apologies for fuzzy photo of the little guy - he wouldn't sit still - too many books to look at!

Apologies for fuzzy photo of the little guy - he wouldn't sit still - too many books to look at!

We took out a few books. Look there’s Elmer by David McKee (Milo seemed drawn to the colours), Fantastic Mr Fox as my previous post about the film reminded me that I hadn’t read it for ages and a book on weaning with recipes for tasty baby food.

Milo’s dad and I have had our own little celebration tonight with a nice dinner and a cake with six candles on! We felt a little daft blowing out the candles but still! The Victoria sponge recipe is here on my recipes for reading page.

Mmmm... cake

Such a lot has changed in these six months, including Milo’s reading habits. I know to some people it might seem strange reading to an under one year old who can’t understand language properly yet, but to us this has always felt completely natural. Over the last couple of weeks we have been rewarded for our efforts (although I can’t really call sitting, snuggling and reading together an effort).

Milo has really started laughing and giggling when we read to him. He notices funny voices and loves it when we do funny faces to accompany them. He enjoys being included when we read to him, and thanks to a pattern of consistently reading the same book before his nap and bedtime each day, he is beginning to recognise his book time in a very simplistic way, the story that is about to be read to him.

I’m so proud of these achievements. We first noticed, proper, real enjoyment, (and not just at the chance of having something new to chew on) a week or so ago when he was sitting on his dad’s knee whilst I read We’re Going on a Bear Hunt to him. He really smiled at the “hooo wooo” snowstorm noises I was making, and then again towards the end of the book when we were all rushing back home to get under the covers.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The best time though was a bedtime reading of Where The Wild Things Are, snuggled in my lap with his dad reading and holding the book up in front of him. He laughed his socks off at the funny voices his dad was making. Whether it was just that the three of us were together and it was a comfortable, family time or if it was literally the funny voices or maybe that he has a keen love and understanding of Maurice Sendak’s subtle, beautiful illustrations (!), whatever it was, I really don’t care, he was enjoying his bedtime story. And this has happened several times since and it really is an absolute joy.

Milo’s dad has bought him a special pressie of The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers to celebrate Milo reaching six months and that’s what we all snuggled down to this evening.

The Way Back Home - Oliver Jeffers

I think he liked it. There is a corner that is still damp from chewing.

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  1. Great books all!

    I just noticed Michael Rosen has put a film of himself performing We’re going on a Bear Hunt on YouTube:

    November 27, 2009

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