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Where have all the people in the park gone?

A very quiet park

Milo and I were taking our walk today and all seemed very quiet in the park. It was after school, so normally a very busy time… where had everyone gone? And then I remembered. May 5th – our old library was re-opening! Hurray! So we wheeled our way there straight away.

Our lovely library

And that’s where everybody was! Doesn’t it look grand. It always did look grand – it’s a Georgian grade II listed building, and has been undergoing about a year’s worth of modernisation. Not all the floors have been accessible to people in wheelchairs and with buggies, but now they have lifts everywhere.

I have to say, I did walk up to the front of the library today and wonder how on earth I was going to get Milo in his buggy up the steps (he was asleep at the time), but then I looked to the side and a little magic door appeared. We trundled through that and up a really cool glass elevator right into the main library.

Big steps!

But, it’s not just a library anymore. There’s a children’s centre with creche facilities and each week our baby bounce and under 5s storytelling session will be held there instead of the local hall. There are weekly film screenings and Chatterbooks for the children. I’m so excited I can’t type fast enough! Oooh – and they have wifi access for those with laptops. Expect some postings direct from my local library soon.

One thing though. I used to visit this library a lot before its makeover and it used to have a lovely lot of wood and this smell of age about it. It creaked and waned like an antique piece of furniture and while its book collections weren’t terribly good or expansive and the accessibility was awful, I do miss the creaky familiarity of it.

But, it has a new carpet smell at the moment and it still gave me the same calm feeling that I used to get from our “old” library.

Milo and I did a little exploring, but not much – he woke up when he was meant to be asleep so I needed to keep walking really.

Milo wondering why he is in the teen section when he can't even read yet

The very best thing about it is that it’s now open all week and at weekends, including Sunday. We can go there as a family. That’s what a library should be about, reading, families, communities, and more reading!

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  1. Wow…what a beautiful library you are fortunate enough to live near! I’d be in there all the time!

    May 6, 2009
  2. natashaworswick #

    We are fortunate and it is right next to a lovely park with a duck pond. We visited again today and it is such a stunning building. I feel a little sad though as I noticed that they have removed the rather grand central staircase (wonderful creaky old wooden staircase) and replaced it, in the same place, with a rather plain grey modern one.

    Still, all the brand new books in their plastic covers, and the very eager and happy librarians make up for it. We’ll be back tomorrow I am sure. And Saturday there is a family rhymetime session so definitely heading to that!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

    May 6, 2009
  3. How cool! I want to come visit your library!!

    May 7, 2009

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