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Look how far we’ve got!

This reading garden update shows quite a lot more progress than my last one. With a fair bit of help, the garden has been cleared of some unwanted visitors… wild garlic (sounds lovely but was taking over the flower beds and smelt of old onions), wooden stumpy flower bed divider things, an out of control ivy and a lot of bamboo. Here are some before and after pics.

Before and after pics of our garden
The soil splodges all over our lawn by the way, are us filling the lumpy holes and growing some new grass. It makes it look like we have a small problem with moles.

So, now to the planting. We would like to have some sweet peas near the new trellis. That poor straggly plant that you can just about see against the shed is a honeysuckle apparently, so we are giving it plenty of water to help it grow (the ivy had smothered it). Eventually we will have our veggie garden at the back (where my mum and dad’s old garden furniture sits) by the shed in a raised bed. I think we are a little late for this year, but next year there will be planting and vegetables s a plenty. This year we might get a few tomatoes and peppers out of some containers and we have our strawberries in our hanging baskets so we shall see how those do too.

Pretty pink bushy thing

We do have this lovely pink, bushy plant (I have no idea what it is called) that is out of picture on the left side of my “before and after” pictures, but there definitely needs to be some more colour added.

But where will we create our outdoor book nook? Tricky as there are now a fair few places we could sit and read. Until the veggie patch arrives and is put in we could have a little bench next to the shed perhaps, but I am thinking a big, comfy rug in the middle of the lawn (once it is grown and green again) might be nice as Milo is just about managing to sit up. Then we will need somewhere to keep his books – a box of some description? I’ll have to have a think!

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  1. This is a lovely project. You reminded me how much I used to have reading outdoors as a child ( my perch was the limb of a chinaberry (Chines Tallow) tree, about 10 feet off the ground by a corner of our garage/shed. 🙂 I took an old iron square lawn chair up there and balanced it on the roof and the limb to stabilize it Spent many an hour up there.

    I suggest you pick two places, one for morning & one for afternoon, with different types of flowers and shade/sun. And it be really beautiful to have some sort of water fountain (with a musical little splashing going on) near by. It doesn’t have to be very big, some of them are really inexpensive and small. maybe under the tree on the right of your photo?

    Then simply use a basket to carry or are small wagon that you can easily pull to where you decide to ‘plop’ for reading! Hope to see more of the progress. I also have a huge project going on here – re-modeling my spare room to expand my office for professional wiritng. It will be fun to compare progress with each other. Talula

    May 4, 2009
  2. Hi Natasha; just wanted to update here. I did a post on the colors for my writing office. It shows a sample room with some of the colors I’ve picked. Now I have to finish weeding out old teacher papers and take down my wallpaper border. then on to painting. Yay!

    Now what have you managed on this wonderful yard & reading nook? Talula

    May 8, 2009
    • natashaworswick #

      Your colours look lovely – I’m excited to see your writing room when it is finished. It is so fun to put your own stamp on something like this isn’t it. My office was the first room decorated when we moved into our little house – it took us days and days to steam of horrible bobbly wallpaper (not fun when you are about 7 months pregnant!).

      We haven’t done much in the garden this week and weekend so far as there has been some very strange and sporadic rain. But we have put together our new (and very reasonably priced) garden furniture which now makes the garden look a little like a cafe!

      May 9, 2009
  3. AAH ~ An outdoor Cafe! That sounds like a grand start to a theme. People who frequent those little sidewalk cafes are usually enjoying reading, munching, visiting, and people-watching. All you have to change is to switch to nature~watching, and of course baby~watching! Silky fabric drapes above the table, hanging down in spots or some colorful awning (outdoor fabric), anyone? Some little amusing garden critter statues and you will be set for a summer of delightful reading & laughter. Can’t wait to see your progress; I am going to try to get a before painting picture done to show my real changes. Talula

    May 9, 2009

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