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Harry and the Dinosaurs – 10 years old!

Puffin Beak Speak newsletter

I was reading on this month’s Puffin Beak Speak newsletter that the Harry and the Dinosaurs books by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds are celebrating their 10 year anniversary – hurray!

Harry's 10th anniversary

Puffin have created a brand new website for the occasion with loads of great things on there. Take a look here. What I am especially enjoying is the “for grown-ups” page. There is a lot on here to encourage adults to read with their child for pleasure, and some great incentives such as stickers and a reading chart.

I personally love the Harry and the Dinosaurs books and last year, working for Booktime was great as the chosen book was Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School. We had a lot of fun coming up with the activities and session ideas and the illustrations really lent themselves to some wonderful extra incentives for the children; bookmarks, stickers, bookplates etc… and some interactive games – one of which can be found here on the Booktime website.

Harry and the Dinosaurs - Booktime bits and bobs (photo by Complete Control agency)

And obviously the dinosaur theme worked really well when we had to choose a venue for our launch.

Ian Whybrow, some very excited children and an extremely large dinosaur - raah!

Where better than the Natural History Museum! I had great fun setting this up – especially because we needed some lovely cakes for the children to take home in their Harry goody bags. Konditor and Cook are always brilliant to work with and came up with the cutest magic cakes for the event.I wish I had a picture of them, but we ate them all.

So, I am sure that Puffin have a lot of great things in store for Harry this year. If you are a parent or carer, I recommend you head over to Harry’s new website for a lot of free, fun things to do with your little ones.

Happy Birthday Harry! Hope you have a great year of celebrations!

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  1. Thanks for the tip on this! This book (called Sammy and the Dinosaurs in the US) was my first official book that I edited in the US – though it was really an import. But I loved it too, thought it was charming and sweet and original, so as an Assistant Editor at the time, was allowed by the publisher to take it on. I’m proud to say that I did influence one of the pieces of artwork based on my feedback, so I did more than just Americanize(ise) the spellings. Too bad we changed the name, though! Marketing decision, but I was part of it….

    May 3, 2009
  2. natashaworswick #

    That’s really interesting. How come the name was changed to Sammy? Was there any particular reasoning behind it as I would have imagined Harry to be a fairly popular name in the US? They really are lovely books.

    May 3, 2009
  3. As far as I can remember, (and this was before Harry Potter really took off), people thought the name Harry was already “branded” with Harry the Dirty Dog. So marketing led the decision to change it. Silly, really. I look back to my Americanization days and question lots that we did. But I know so much more now!

    May 10, 2009

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