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The “before” pictures of our reading garden

Following on from my recent post on reading gardens I thought I’d take the plunge and post a few “before” pictures here of our garden and how it looks at the moment. Please try not to gasp with horror (and you’ll have to imagine the grass at least an inch or so higher).

Messy, messy little lawn

What a messy patio

Inspired by the lovely, sunny weather recently we are now planning to turn it into the ideal reading garden for Milo. I think this will probably take a couple of months at least considering Milo’s dad and I have never done any gardening before. We are very excited and enthusiastic though which must surely count for something.

When we moved to our little house, we were bought lots of great gardening books as pressies.

Glorious gardening books

And a journal to keep a record of our efforts. So as I write in my garden journal, I will keep you all posted on how we are getting on too. We want to create a cosy space, with lots of colour, interesting things for Milo to look at (bird feeder, butterfly feeder etc…) with a lawn that is perfect for rolling and reading on.

Milo, his grandma and I got started a few days ago by taking a trip to our local nursery. We bought some pretty plants to put in some hanging baskets and in our Hovis tin (a yummy Pedlars purchase).

A good start

Milo did wake up in time for lunch.

Milo missed all the garden centre action

Wish us luck… I’ll keep you posted.

*** Since writing my last post on Reading Gardens, Nadia got in touch with me to suggest Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens as a good garden read with a little one. Take a look at it here on Janet’s website.

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  1. I’ll look forward to see how your garden comes along. If all works out with the house rental, then we’ll have a nice big garden, too. We’ll be renting, so can’t do major make-overs. But maybe we can swap tips!

    April 24, 2009
  2. natashaworswick #

    Definitely! I’m starting small this weekend with some hanging baskets. There will be a strawberry plant in each of them which will hopefully grow and eventually produce some tasty strawberries! I really love the idea of growing veggies and fruit in with all the plants. Next year we will be planting a sunflower each with Milo. We did that at school when I was little and had a competition to see which one grew the highest. It should be fun, although he might still be too little.

    April 24, 2009

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