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Joining the conversation

Last Friday I read this article from the Telegraph on publishing houses and Twitter and it really interested me. I have often thought about getting myself on Twitter and what I would get out of it. So now I’ve taken the plunge just to see what I think.

My latest tweet

One of the things that I think rings especially true in the article is the idea that book publishers are late to the party. And yet, having only been on for a short time, it’s fascinating really. I have some followers already which is nice, and I am enjoying following the publishers listed in this article, as well as other book news medias. It is a much more immediate way of getting information and it feels nice and informal – kind of like blogging, but in miniature.

You can see that it’s going to be a really important thing for all sorts of businesses, not just publishers, because it means you’re joining a big conversation that’s already taking place. It’s just that you’re a part of it now. And it gives you a direct way of talking to the people who are going to be selling, reviewing and reading your books. It’s another online community organised around books and book publishing. And, let’s face it, when you weigh it up, conversation and word-of-mouth recommendations and feedback have got to be infinitely more valuable than a big marketing budget – because they are free (well, apart from the time involved) and because they help you understand what might make the difference. So actually they might help you make better use of the money you’ve got to spend in the first place.

So, by using the button on my blog, you can start following my updates on Twitter. Or find Children’s Books for Grown-Ups tweeting away here.

I also had a dig around and found TwitterLit. Not affiliated with Twitter but powered by Amazon, it is a lovely (and clever way of directing people to Amazon) idea of twittering the first lines of books. They also have a children’s version called KidderLit. Find it here.

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