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Better buys for books

Vintage children's books

Amy at Literacy Launchpad has written a great post on independent children’s book shops.

They are such a treat to visit and unfortunately becoming a bit of a rare species what with some rather large book shops taking over everything, but even more sadly the big supermarkets stocking more and more books. I know, I know – this can be a good thing. (Some) good books reaching a wider audience and this article here does mention a commitment to children’s books but, let’s face it, there is nothing quite like the experience of going to a small, independent book shop with overcrowded shelves and spending a good hour hunting down the right buy with help from an enthusiastic shop keeper who knows their stuff.

In these times of credit crunching and all of that, it is even more important to support local businesses so here are just a few good places I know of to go and get your books from.

Tales on Moon Lane
The Wellwisher book shop
Dulwich Books
Victoria Park Books

Norfolk Children’s Book Centre

And for a much better list than mine, take a look at the National Literacy Trust’s website here.

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