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Pony power

I was reading the Guardian books blog today and came across today’s interesting post about “the timeless appeal of pony books“. I wasn’t fond of horses as a child, or ponies for that matter. I didn’t have any urge to go horseriding or belong to a pony club. I wasn’t even interested in the competition ribbons that were sometimes boasted about from friends who did have that love of horses. I did however, like Imogen Russell Williams who wrote the Guardian’s blog, really enjoy reading books with ponies and horses in.

As it was for Imogen, it was the characters riding the horses that was appealing to me. Often fiesty tomboys with little regard for authority figures (school teachers in Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers series for example), but with a strong moral code. They were the adventurous ones, charging off day or night to rescue someone or discover something terrible.

Apparently the current pony series that sit on the bookshop shelves today, aren’t as good. I haven’t read any recently so I couldn’t possibly say myself, but I might check them out to see what I think.

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  1. Did you know Jenny Kendrick at Roehampton? She’s working on a PhD on pony stories. I wasn’t really a fan either, but did enjoy National Velvet during the MA. Turns out the butcher shop in Rottingdean was the inspiration. Who knew?

    April 14, 2009
  2. I was fond of horses and horse books as a child. From the Trixie Belden series to Marguerite Henry. And my friends and I spent countless hours galloping around on imaginary horses or riding in the pony express.
    I have only ridden a real life horse twice. As an adult, with inlaws with horses, I discovered I don’t love horses, in fact, I am a little afraid of them.

    April 26, 2009

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