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Moomin news from Bologna

Milo's dad is drinking his tea from the yellow moomin mug

I’ve just been made a lovely cup of tea whilst I read all about Puffin’s new moomin series for younger readers. It is the Bologna book fair this week, so there will be lots of exciting news stories flying around the world of children’s publishing, but none please me more than hearing that this wonderful series of books will be revitalised and brought to a brand new, primary-aged audience, and that they are whipping up a rights storm at the book fair. Read all about it here in The Bookseller.

I’ve loved the moomin stories for many, many years now. One of my favourite holidays was to Finland a while back where we visited Tampere just to go to the Moomin museum. That’s the furthest I have ever travelled specifically for a museum and it was well worth it!

Mystical moomins

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  1. Lisa #

    Where do I get a nice tea cup like that one?

    March 28, 2009
    • natashaworswick #

      Hi Lisa, I was given my two from the author Lauren Child, but I have seen them floating around in shops recently and I know they definitely sell them in the shop that is attached to the Moomin museum (but you’d have to go to Finland for that!) Had a quick google and you can try:

      The Design Shop UK:,%20Love.html
      Cooks Paraphernalia :
      I can see that Amazon used to stock them – worth keeping an eye on

      But I would try small, independent boutiques and bookshops, and children’s shops as I have definitely seen them in shops around London, so they may sell them in similar style stores around where you are? They are part of a really lovely collection.

      Thanks for stopping by!

      March 29, 2009
  2. Rachel #

    Lisa, sells loads of Moomin tableware.

    November 29, 2009

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