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Memory lane

Flip Flop's Secret

I was digging around in my collection of picture books to find something new to read Milo and I came across Flip Flop’s Secret by Molly Brett which was a firm favourite of mine when I was little. I also had Molly Brett’s The Forgotten Bear but it was Flip Flop’s Secret that enchanted me the most. I just love the illustrations.

Inside spread

Little animals on a raft

The idea of all of the animals driving cars, trains and tractors is wonderful and the beautiful intricate nature of the drawings and the detail in the pencil drawings, enthralled me as a child.

From Flip Flop's Secret

And the imagination of course. A little bird being pulled along by two beetles –  As a child I used to imagine that this was the sort of thing that went on in the undergrowth when my back was turned!

This is one book that I do firmly remember reading with my mum. Happy mother’s day mum!

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  1. Good day from Sweden. I´ve been looking for this book for 5 years!! My dad always read it to me before bedtime, AND I LOVED IT!!! My orginal version in swedish is gone:-( Do you know where to find an English version, cause i can´t find it anywhere. It seems like it is a small culture treasure, and hard to find?

    It was so nice to se another person who also loved this book as a child.

    Best regards/Jennie

    August 17, 2009
    • natashaworswick #

      I’m so glad that you liked it too. It really is a special book for me. I can’t seem to find anyone selling them new so it is a case of finding second hand copies. I googled it and came up with this site:,%20Molly that might be worth trying perhaps? And hello to Sweden! Tasha

      August 26, 2009

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