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Favourite writing nooks/second favourite book nook

In a bit of an addition to the launch of the 40th anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar this article on Book Brunch about Eric Carle made me have a think about favourite writing nooks. This is where Eric Carle creates his wonderful and colourful picture books:

Eric Carle's studio

Of course, one of the most famous writing nooks is Roald Dahl’s shed.

Roald Dahl's writing shed

Thinking about all of this reminded me that the Guardian run a feature in their Saturday magazine on writer’s rooms. I’ve enjoyed reading this in the past and it’s definitely worth taking a look on their website as there are a few up there that haven’t been archived yet (i.e. we don’t have to pay to look at them). Use the search facility and type in ‘writer’s rooms’. It makes for fascinating reading and I particularly enjoyed Blake Morrison’s room as his writing has always kept me glued to the page.

Blake Morrison's wonderfully cluttered writing room

For me, a writer’s room should always be piled high with books, organised clutter and little objects that spark the imagination. I don’t have a writer’s room as such but I do have a home office which, if I were a writer in the true sense of the word, would be my writer’s room.

My little messy desk

Bits that spark my imagination. Milo's dad meeting Murray Walker!

It is also my second favourite book nook and Milo and I often sit snuggled in this, the most comfy armchair in the world, to read a book (most recently Where the Wild Things Are).

Books and more books

A while ago I wrote about spaces and the kinds of spaces that make me happy. I think that if I were able to create my most perfect book nook/writer’s room that I wanted, it would be something like this:

  • in a round room, possibly a turret, small but big enough
  • floor to ceiling book shelves filled with all of our favourites
  • a special shelf for notebooks, pens, pencils etc…
  • one of those ladders on wheels that whizz around the shelves
  • on a wall that doesn’t have shelving on, I would have lots of art, photos, postcards, fabrics – all the bits and bobs that I have kept over the years just because I can’t bear to throw them away
  • lots of wood to polish
  • small windows; enough for light and peeking out of it, but not big enough to distract me (I distract easily)
  • the desk my granddad built for me when I was little
  • my armchair that Milo and I sit in to read
  • lots of interesting old lamps and lampshades
  • a cup of tea in my moomin mug and a slice of cake

I saw a turret recently that I liked. It isn’t big enough for a person, I think it’s meant for birds. Lucky birds.

A small turret in the North Downs - lovely!

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