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Knitting and other small pleasures

If you visit my blog regularly you will know that I have craft envy of all the talented and crafty people that surround me. So, I decided to take up knitting. To encourage me, my mum (yes, another very clever person in my family) made me this bag out of lovely Cath Kidston material to keep my knitting in, and bought me a Debbie Bliss book for beginners.

Big bag of knitting

My grandma popped round and gave me a starter lesson, casting on and knit and pearl stitches. For someone who wasn’t convinced she could still knit, she sure clicked away with those needles very fast.

According to my auntie (who made Milo’s great hat and cardy), knitting is apparently theraputic and so far I am really enjoying myself. I have knitted half a stripy scarf for Milo that he will probably only be able to use when he is much, much bigger (three possibly!). Only half the scarf mind – I got a bit bored with the colours and the wool, a lesson learned! My second project is a blanket for Milo. I’m following a pattern (properly, not like the scarf where I didn’t plan ahead), and I am hoping that it will be finished for when winter starts again. He can snuggle in it in his buggy, assuming it stays in one piece and doesn’t fall apart. He seems to like what I’ve done so far – he has sucked and chucked several of the little squares.

Milo's blanket - a work in progress

There will be 56 little squares in total. I have done 10. I have a long, long way to go. I also think there should possibly be a sixth colour in there somewhere – maybe lemon or green. Oh dear! I’m hoping to get a lot better and be able to knit some lovely things and maybe move on to learn how to crotchet too.

I found this girl’s cardy in my local second-hand children’s clothes store Love me Again and had to buy it (not for Milo, but for my cousin’s gorgeous baby).

pretty cardy I couldn't resist

Maybe if I keep practising, I’ll be able to make something this pretty one day!

This post has nothing to do with reading or children’s books, but hey!

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