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This made me think today

Ladybird Baby Touch - Sea

Milo and I were reading together today. We were looking at his Ladybird Baby Touch book called Sea and I started wondering about something. Milo’s dad and I are a little bit ambidexterous. I can’t write with my left hand but I do eat the ‘wrong’ way round which irritates my mum everytime I’m at her house and I lay the knives and forks out for dinner.

We’ve noticed with Milo that he prefers to suck on his right hand so we’re thinking that he is possibly going to be right handed, or that will be his more dominant side. Whilst reading his Baby Touch book today I noticed that all of the touch and feel aspects of the book (sea shells and the like) were all on the right-hand pages, therefore encouraging the child reading and interacting with the book to mostly reach out with their right hand.

I like the book a lot as it has some interesting touch and feel patches but I felt a little disappointed with it once I realised that probably unknowingly it was only encouraging development for Milo’s right hand (when I can get it out of his mouth that is).

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