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Milo’s loving

First cot book

Just a quick post to say that Milo is loving his First Cot Book which we bought after a friend recommended. It is similar to the Faces book I have mentioned before in that it’s black, white and yellow so easier for him to focus on. He finds the wavy black and white lines most perplexing and seems to like the snail. He’s started reaching out for the pages and touching the material which is most exciting.

That's not my Bear

He’s also loving That’s not my Bear which his great auntie and uncle got him for Christmas. One of the Usborne touchy-feely books, he seems to react especially to the fuzzy panda. What confuses me about the book is that the fuzzy panda is “not my bear,” but the panda with the fluffy ears is? Are they not the same panda? This perplexes me while Milo just enjoys the textures.

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