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Reading under the covers

I would add this under “recipes for reading”, but it isn’t really a recipe as such – not for food anyway. One of the best things that Milo received for Christmas was from his Auntie Claire.

It is a beautiful quilt which Milo’s dad and I have completely fallen in love with. It has a racing car (well, formula 1 car, red of course as we are huge Ferrari fans) on, with Milo’s name embroidered on the back spoiler and a wonderfully colourful race track.

Milo's car

It is possibly the most precious thing in his room (apart from Milo himself) and alongside the curtains my mum made for his room (the material of which Claire has included in the quilt), will be treasured forever. I imagine Milo is going to spend many, many hours lying on his quilt with us while we read to him, and when he gets older, I am sure he will be snuggled under it with a torch reading past his bedtime. That’s my perfect recipe for reading!

Thank you Auntie Claire xx

Thank you Auntie Claire!

(The booties by the way were knitted by my cousin Jo – I’m surrounded by talented and crafty people in my family! A good thing as I am a little hopeless!)

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