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Chatting away…

I didn’t realise this was on the other night or I would have blogged about it earlier, but whilst channel flicking in a rare peaceful moment I came across the Tonight programme Lost for Words. Reporting on the importance of talking to your baby and the effect it can have on a child’s literacy skills it made me want to revist the research the National Literacy Trust have done in their Talk To Your Baby campaign.

We are pleased that we bought a buggy that means Milo can either be placed looking at us or looking outwards. I plan, when he is old enough to sit up in it of course, to take him to the park and read to him. At the moment he is a little bit too small – and always asleep in his pram!

Sleepy Milo out for a walk

It is essential that he knows that reading isn’t just something that is confined to the bedroom at bed time or during the day at home. I want him to enjoy books (magazines, newspapers, signs etc…) everywhere and anywhere. It is also a useful tool when you have completely run out of interesting things to say to your baby!

The Talk To Your Baby link on the National Literacy Trust website has some great tips on why it is important for you to chatter together. Take a look here.

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  1. He’s adorable – congrats again. I remember how scary it was to be on my own with Cassy. You wonder how they could let you out of the hospital with this new human being, without training or anything!

    Cassy is great. She’s talking up a storm now (she’s 1 1/2) and really into her books. I got Shoe Baby from Walker ages ago, and she’s loved that book from the beginning. It’s given me a real appreciation for younger picture books. She definitely has her likes and dislikes, and currently loves John Burningham’s alphabet book (a worn out copy I found at a library sale).

    Good luck with the reading – and the sleeping! If you ever fancy a journey all the way down to Brighton, we’d love to meet up and greet lovely Milo!

    November 26, 2008

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