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My first day at school

That’s how I feel today. Milo’s dad is back at work after two weeks of paternity leave and so it is just me and the little man on our own. I don’t think I have ever felt this nervous, scared, excited since the first day of term after a lovely, long holiday break.

Luckily he’s been asleep most of the morning after a raggedy night (I think he knew his dad wasn’t going to be here today and that his mum was a little stressed out at the thought of being alone with him), so I have had some time to nap and just look at him all peaceful in his moses basket.

Luckily also, his grandma is popping round this afternoon to say hello. It really will feel just like the first day back at school for me then! All we’ll need then is a special ‘first day back’ dinner of spaghetti hoops and warm buttery toast to make it proper, and a bit of children’s t.v. of course.

Wish me luck – I’m about to wake him for a feed and nappy change.

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  1. you did brilliantly. the pair of you make a great team and i’m very proud of you x

    November 24, 2008

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